housing loan information

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Housing Loan Information

Below is a table showing the housing loan information. One can match the criteria below and would roughly know how much percentage of loan he can take.

 First LoanSecond loanThird Loan
Loan TenureUp to 30 years31-35 years oldUp to 30 years31-35 yearsup to 30 years31-35 years
AgeAge used to calculate loan tenure will be based on income weighted
Up to 65Up to 70-75Up to 70-75Up to 65Up to 70-75Up to 70-75Up to 65Up to 70-75Up to 70-75
Max LTV Tenure75%55%55%45%25%25%35%15%15%
20% (non-individuals)
Min Cash Downpayment5%10%10%25%25%25%25%25%25%
Guarantors / Co-BorrowersAll Co-borrowers must be mortgagors. Guarantors must be co-borrowersif the latter did not pass the TDSR criteria.
Mortgage Servicing RatioN/A
Total Debt Servicing Ratio60%
Stress Test Interest Rate3.5%


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